Saturday, 30 January 2016

Makeup Menu: January 2016

In the last few years that I've been delving into the world of beauty, I've tried many many products, some good, some not so much. I've noticed that I tend to phase my products monthly, I'll use the same selection for an entire month, depending on the weather and my mood. Being that the end of January is here, I thought I'd share with you what I have been using to make my face presentable this month.

B O B B I   B R O W N   S K I N   F O U N D A T I O N   (IN ALABASTER)
Low and behold a foundation that actually matches my skin tone YAY! If you didn't already know, my skin is painfully pale, even more so in winter. Paler than Mac's NW/NC 15. I've been on an endless hunt for a foundation that suited my skin for years, from mixing foundations, buying a pure white base, all of which takes up precious time that I don't have every morning before work. After the success I had with BB's corrector (see below) I figured I'd give the foundation a try. Safe to say, I'm still in love. It's great coverage, lightweight and undetectable, perfect for combination skin, lasts all day and is pale. Hurrah!

Lets face it, you've probably heard of BB's famous corrector and if you're cautious with your pennies like I usually am and you're still on the fence about whether to try this, trust me when I say, dark circles should fear the heck out of this little pot of magic. I have used this product every day since I purchased it back in March. Again with Bobbi's winning colour match for me, this product is moisturising enough for the delicate under eye area, takes away all those nasty dark tones and lasts right up until removal at night. Being that you also need so little, it doesn't settle into the creases. I've gone Bobbi Brown, and I ain't goin' back.

B E N E F I T   H I G H   B E A M
For January, I've been all about highlighter, gasping after that gorgeous healthy glow, instead of looking like a dried up prune from all those cold late nights. High Beam has been my right hand gal for doing this for years. With the nail-polish style applicator, I paint the product over the high points of my face and I'm ready to light up the dark and dreary January days.

T O P S H O P   CO N T O U R   C R E M E   (IN SWERVE)
If you're pale and you haven't tried this, go, go now. I am so done with trying orange toned products that make me look like I have smeared a wotsit up my cheek. I tried using concealer sticks in darker shades but they were never the right consistency, and for whatever reason, were again always orange. Then I came across this product. I did go for the darker shade, which looks a lot darker in the pan, as the lighter one looked too orange, but swerve is completely cool toned. Used sparingly under my cheekbones and into my temples I can finally create the look of a slightly chiseled face instead of kids painting. The consistency is smooth and easily to blend but super pigmented. It's been on my face almost every day!

S T I L A   C O N V E R T I B L E   C O L O R   (IN PEONY)
Bare with me on this, the image may look a little dark and frightening but the payoff its b-e-a-uuutiful. I purchased this when I'd been on the lookout for a blush that looked more like my skin but slightly warmer, inspired by a youtube tutorial by  Lisa Eldridge's on Alexa Chung (check it out here, it's great). The product Lisa used was from Estée Lauder, clocking in at £32 (WAH), this from Stila was half that £16, and slightly more pink so suited me better anyway. The texture is smooth, dewy and lasts all day with great colour payoff. Win!

S M A S H B O X   B R O W   T E C H   T O   G O   (IN BRUNETTE)
This brow product is probably a holy grail for me. From the slanted end of the pencil, the smooth easy to apply consistency, the staying power, the colour and the gel, this product is everything I could ever need in a brow product. I've had this for around 3 years now, and it was one of the first high end products I ever bought. Though I may try another brow product from time to time, I always come back to this, its a sure fire fail-safe for natural yet defined brows.

B E N E F I T   T H E Y 'R E   R E A L   E Y E L A S H   P R I M E R
This is another new one to the collection. I previously mentioned how crappy my eyelashes are, they do not suit being clogged up with mascara in an attempt to bulk them out, they end up looking stumpy and brittle. This primer for me, is perfect. Worn on its own the product leaves the lashes feeling super soft, lengthens, separates and coats lashes that I didn't even know I had in a natural soft brown shade.  It's easy to remove and the brush is a dream. Topped with a regular mascara and BAM, lashes to kill.

Another holy grail for me, I've always loved the autumnal colours, and would often rather put on a bit of lippy than mascara. The formula is so moisturising and the you'd be surprised how well the colour lasts despite drinking and eating. The colour also matches the above blush quite well, and I'm all for matchy-matchy make up, however dated that may be. I care not.

Let me know what you've been loving through January!

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