Thursday, 17 March 2016

"Blood Brothers" Review at Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Without a shadow of a doubt, Willy Russell's Blood Brothers holds the title of my favourite musical of all time. Much more a play with music than your usual cheese-fest musical, this show encompasses' all the elements that I love about theatre.

Holding a special place in my heart since 2010, I have now proudly seen the show six times! There's something about the first act, with adult actors playing seven year olds, which is completely endearing in a way that ensures the tragic ending really tugs at your heart strings. I'll be honest, the performance I saw in Bromley wasn't the best I've seen - that said, I'm not sure another company will come close to the performers I saw at the Phoenix Theatre in London in 2012/13. 

A sub-par Sammy and Mrs J's singing was all that took the Bromley performance down to an average performance - for me at least. But it wasn't a 'bad' performance at all; I'd already seen the trio playing Mickey (Sean Jones), Eddie (Joel Benedict) and Linda (Danielle Corlass) last September, who definitely embody their characters and bring them to life with new fervour. 

For me, it all comes down to the music and storyline that will always have the power to engage and move me. Of course, the complex nature of the characters across their timelines also means that the usual musical-theatre-cheesy-grins won't carry this show. It's the brilliant script with it's endearing characters, combined with moments of sharp humour and cruel tragedy, just like that of real life, that keep the show standing strong.

If you've not yet had the pleasure, you'll be in for a night of real laugh-out-loud moments, goose-bump invoking music, impressive spitting, physical theatre, gunshots, superstitions and the 'f' word, all performed in the glorious Liverpudlian accent, that will probably leave you in tears - both happy and sad! You're missing out if you haven't seen this one.

Have you seen anything in the theatre lately?


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