Sunday, 26 February 2017


Hello to you my lovely readers, I hope you are all doing well.
Today I have my first Style Edit for you! Spring is my favourite season, I cannot wait to throw myself into it, bring on the pastel, floral and chiffon madness, I am so ready! With that in mind I have compiled a snapshot of what I intend to be wearing over the next coming weeks.
Firstly, I know what you're thinking. Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking. Well hold your tongue's Miranda Priestly's of the world, for if we can't wear florals during spring, then when the hell can we? Springtime in the UK is one of those odd times in the year when one day, you may be needing a jumper and a scarf, while the next, you won't even need a coat, so I have chosen both warmer and cooler options.

Since the surge of camel coats came into fashion, I had been looking at making one my own for about a year. It wasn't until Christmas as I rewatched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" that I realised my perfect camel coat was there all along, a trench coat.  They draw a wonderful silhouette as the belt cinches in at the waist, or can be worn open for a more relaxed look. To my surprise shops were full with them in January, so I purchased mine from Primark for only £14, YAS. Looking forward to whacking this out when the weather gets warmer. For added warmth you can always add a scarf, I love the blanket scarves' especially my pastel pink checked one.

I joined the Topshop Joni jean bandwagon just last year after one of my best friends insisted that I needed them. They're super stretchy allowing for a little extra slice of pizza here and there, but the super high waistline keeps everything under control and gives your backside a nice lift. I purchased mine from the petite range since my height clocks in at around 5"2 and they fit like a dream! I also love a statement skirt, anything from Miss Selfridge, usually A-Line style as it is universally flattering, is bang on the money, paired with a plain top or jumper of a matching colour palette, we are good to go.

The emerge of the pastel trend was another popular one for me, I absolutely love all the delicate hues, particularly the powder blue. Stripes and embroidery are all over the shops at the moment, I absolutely love the grey jumper for the colder days, while the light chiffon top is great for when the weather finally gets a little warmer.

A flat pump with bare feet is one of my favourite things. As much as I love a good pair of big brown / black boots (try saying that in a Scottish accent) during winter, I'm ready to be able to whip out the light and delicate flats again. Espadrilles may be more of a summer shoe, but I've truly missed mine this winter and cannot wait to trot around in them again. If you're going somewhere special, popping a heel on with a casual outfit will always make me look and feel that little bit more sophisticated. For the accessories, I'm rarely found without my Return To Tiffany's necklace that I received for my 21st birthday in 2015, while satchel, backpack and tote style bags are always my go-to for their easy to carry nature, all the while always having plenty of room to hold all my crap.


Pink, pink and more pink. There's something about that vibrant magenta that seems to make my pale skin pop. I'm so done with dark drab colours from Winter, I'll pull out my burgundy lip next October thank you, for now, I want to look bright and awake, like springtime intended. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges have been a long time favourite for me as the texture is creamy but long lasting. I also love the Bourjois Rouge Edition: Souffle De Velvet range, they're so moisturising and pigmented but they leave a really natural velvety finish on the lips.

What will you be wearing this spring?

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