Sunday, 12 March 2017

Contour Products for Pale Skin

Hello to you my lovely readers!
Today I'm talking contouring. As someone with snow-white like skin, I have spent years roaming the make up counters, purchasing far too many warm / orange products and attempting to chisel my face with them. Suffice to say I often ended up looking more like I'd swiped a wotsit up my cheek. However in the last few years I've finally discovered some much lighter, cooler and greyer contour products to mimic that shadow beneath the cheekbone, that I wish I naturally possessed.

I've spoken about this product before in January 2016 here, and I've even hit pan on it! This was the first contour product I purchased that was not orange, its perfectly cool toned. Though it is very dark, so use sparingly, its a great affordable option if you too are sick of the orange look. The consistency is quite silicone-y but smooth and very easy to blend.

This product was a favourite of mine for the majority of 2016. It's so convenient and easy to use as it is stick form, you can easily map out your face. The contour side is light, cool, smooth and really blendable yet lasts all day once set. However I must admit, I have never used the highlight side of this as it just isn't pale enough.

Another NYX product, take note, NYX are pretty good when it comes to their contour products, but this blush powder is an incredible shade for pale skin. This is definitely the greyest option in this post, I love using this for a night out to really sculpt out the cheekbone. 

Yep, you've probably already heard of this one. I'd put off purchasing this high end product for a long time, hoping the drugstore would soon produce a dupe, however the shades were never quite right. This product has been on my face almost every single day since I purchased it in January, and family have even commented that my face looks thinner(!) since I've been using it. The shade is so light, but it helps to cast a beautiful delicate shadow under the cheekbones that looks seamless and almost undetectable on the skin. Lisa Eldridge would be proud!

What are your favourite products for contouring pale skin?

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