The Lazy Girl's Blow-Dry Essentials

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Hello lovely readers, I hope you have all had a great week!
I would consider myself pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, more often that not I leave it to air dry naturally into a birds nest. But on days where I want to tame that frizz and look older than 12, I choose to blow-dry my hair. I only use one tool and two products for ultimate laziness!

B A B Y L I S S   C A R B O N   M E D I U M   B A R R E L   B R U S H
I've had a bit of a thing for barrel brushes for quiet some time, I love that they help to divide hair for a speedy blow-dry, and that you can dry hair straight or curly, adding volume as you go. I'm a loyal fan of Babyliss since purchasing my first hair-dryer from them quite a few years ago. This brush is great because it's anti-static, plus the boar bristles give a sleek and glossy finish. Also the accelerated blow-dry time is something I need with my very thick head of hair.

B U M B L E   A N D   B U M B L E   A L L   S T Y L E   B L O W   D R Y   C R E M E
This has got to be the ultimate lazy girl product. Though it is a higher price point, it basically does everything you need. Applied to damp hair before blow-drying, it adds volume, protects from heat, fights frizz, adds shine and contains oil absorbing powders to keep hair fresh. Also, it smells beautiful! I really notice a difference in how soft and smooth my hair is after drying when I use this.

B O O T S   C U R L   C R E M E
This product balances out the price of the previous, as it is dirt cheap, but so good. As a curly/wavy haired gal, my hair more often than not looks like a messy frizz ball. Applied to damp or dry hair, this thick heavy cream activates once rubbed in between palms; it smooths over hair to tame frizz and defines curls. This product has long been a staple in my hair care routine - I like to apply it just after blow-drying each section to tame any last bits of frizz and add extra shape and hold to my curls.

What are your blow-dry essentials?
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