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Favourites Edit: June 2017

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well!
Somehow it's already June favourites time! This month has had such gorgeous weather in the UK, which has definitely influenced some of my favourites from this month. Let's crack on, shall we?

B E A U T Y,  S T Y L E  &  S K I N C A R E

Make Up For Ever Brow Liner -   After getting on well with MUFE Ultra HD foundation, I decided to branch further into their products. I am always on the look out for new brow products and after finding this, I think I have finally cracked a good and easily replicable routine. I discovered this after a good ol' google search, it's basically a gel liner for your brows. This product is definitely more for the steady and gentle handed; I tend to wipe a lot of the product off of the wand, which looks much like a hard pointed liquid liner brush, and softly draw in extra brow hairs. I use the shade 40 Dark Brown which is quite a warm brown, which helps to warm my brows to match the warmth I have in the lengths of my hair. This product is definitely waterproof, nay, sweat-proof and will not budge, so great if you like a good brow all day err' day.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'On and On Bronze' -  Definitely not a product that will be a revelation to you, in fact you've probably already got it in your collection, but Maybelline's cream eyeshadows are a product I always end up coming back to. In summer, I love the look of a satin eyelid and this shade is a perfectly subtle cool bronze, adding just a hint of sparkle to the lids. Appearing more glossy than shimmery, this product lasts all day and the formula is so easy to apply; while thin, it's smooth and definitely creamy, which I prefer in comparison to the more mousse textures of some cream eyeshadows. If like mine, yours has been tucked away in a draw some where, whip it back out again - you won't be sorry!

Rimmel Lasting Perfection Lipstick in 'Vogue' -  Unfortunately this shade appears to have been discontinued, so apologies in advance, however after a little research I reckon 'Heartbreaker' is a pretty close if not the relaunched shade. I have had this lipstick for years (gross, I know, don't judge me) but have whipped it out a lot in the last two summers. It's a beautifully bright cool magenta shade, which helps to make teeth look whiter and pale complexions brighter. I love applying this to the centre of the lips then buffing out the edges with my finger, or applying a softer pink around the outer edge. The formula is creamy with incredible pigment plus it's easy to apply. The 'lasting' claim is a bit questionable for me since I find it lasts as long as any other lipstick after eating and drinking. I tend to pop this on when I'm feeling a bit sluggish to help brighten my face and I often get compliments on it when I do, so definitely give it a try if you can find it!

Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream -  I have been using Eucerin's face moisturisers for well over a year, I absolutely love them. They're so thick and incredibly moisturising yet never leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky. The day cream especially helps to prep for make up and keep my skin feeling soft all day. My skin has definitely improved in its appearance over the last year or so but the biggest reason I stick with this product is that it has SPF 30! It's the most budget friendly day cream I've been able to find with such a high SPF, which with my pale complexion is so important; it's so nice to not have to worry about my face in the sun all year round, but particularly in summer, because I am protected every day and it's a step I'll never miss in my routine.

H&M Smart Shorts -  With the weather getting pretty hot here in the UK, I have been all over shorts this month. They're comfy and help to deal with the heat situation, plus how gorgeous are these smart shorts from H&M?! I love the mix of pale blue, pink, green and yellow in the beautiful floral pattern. These shorts are perfect for looking chic in the daytime or paired with some heels and you're good for a night out. More pls and a-thank-you.


The Japanese House // "Good side in" -  So The Japanese House brought out some new music this month, which lead me to revisit some of her music I'd already purchased. I rediscovered this track and have had it on repeat a lot at work. It's chilled and very relaxing, it kind of sounds like the ocean in that surreal way that The Japanese House tends to with synths and guitars, all sounding very trance-like, which I seriously love for relaxing days outside.

Paramore // "Hard Times" -  Following on from last month's playlist, I began listening to more of Paramore's new album throughout June. On the first few plays of this track, I didn't think much of it, but it grew on me, to the point where it's now often on repeat, or I wake up with it stuck in my head. It's one of those catchy and lingering ear-worms, but it'll have your foot tapping and your head nodding, so you don't really mind. It also sounds very beach-y to me, so perfect for this time of year.

F I L M  &  T V

Rakka // Short Film -  Neill Blomkamp is back, having created a new project called Oats Studios, an online platform to make his new short films readily available to stream online. I am a huge fan of his film District 9 so the moment I heard this was from him, I knew I had to watch it. Volume 1, "Rakka", stars Sigourney Weaver, as she leads the resistance group during a horrific alien invasion on Earth in the year 2020. It's incredibly gritty, realistic and shocking, all which you would expect if you have seen Blomkamp's work before. Not for the faint hearted with some pretty graphic imagery, but it's only 20 minutes long and had me gripped the whole way through. I cannot wait to see what he brings out next. Check it out below!


WhatsOn App -  When it comes to aesthetic, I am pretty finicky, that even includes my laptop, the colour scheme and overall appearance. Since using Spotify more regularly, I hated the fact that there wasn't a 'small player' option, like on iTunes. For whatever reason, I like seeing what track I'm on and easy access to skip to the next one, without having to load the programme up again. This app enables me to view the currently playing track in the mac menu bar, making my desktop look much cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. It's completely free and compatible with both Spotify and iTunes: win/win!

What have you been loving?

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