31 DEC 2018


Another year gone and now the years of my mid-twenties begin...

As IF 2018 is already over. I've seen lots of reflection posts this year and it's so lovely to read everyone's thoughts and experiences from 2018 and on reading my own posts from 2016 and 2017, I realised I really enjoy these moments of reflection on the brink of the new year. It's funny how differently we see our lives through hindsight; I called 2016 a 'quiet' year but I had such a blast directing two shows, seeing my favourite band live and travelling to Dublin – that was not quiet! I know it's easy to rose-tint life and think it was better than it really was, but I also think it's one of those odd things where we just don't always realise when it's good because you're living it, and it's just hard to know until you're out of the thick of it. I wonder how I'll feel again in another years time.

This time last year I was worried that my decision to go to university wasn't my best idea. The thought of dropping out had crossed my mind a few times but now I know that starting and sticking out was the right thing to do. I still have wobbles every now and again – often when I come home, see friends at work and I wonder if I should have just found another job, stuck it out and earned my way into happiness with money (LOLZ, a gal can dream). But I've learnt so much about writing at uni, and myself as a writer! I'd been so static in the world of work, but uni means I can continuously work on myself and my skills. Hopefully I maintain my marks from last year to at least prove that uni was worth it, but mentally, when it comes to tackling my assignments, I can feel I've progressed; I manage them very differently and much more calmly now. That's important. Overall, I think I did pretty well in achieving my goals set in 2017: I learned to work smarter, realigned my expectations on the social side of uni, got a first, joined a society and wrote more of my own projects.

Some personal highlights from 2018:

  • Got firsts and an overall first for year 1 at uni.

  • Found out I like white wine, but that one glass is enough to make me a lot nicer and more animated than usual. My best pals will love and abuse this in the years to come.

  • Attended my first ever fashion show. You can read my review here.

  • Gave my blog a makeover and invested in a domain. See, I take my writing seriously.

  • Moved into a studio flat and I feking love it. I actually miss it when I'm not there.

  • Started producing a podcast for DemonFM with one of my best pals. You can listen to our first episode here. (Also just noticed we got 50 listens, which considering it's our first attempt, has really taken me by surprise!)

  • Produced a cartoon. It's like 2 minutes long and the silliest thing, but I love it. No, you will never see it.

  • I actually dated again. It was brief but fun all the same. One more frog slayed, I guess.

I'm still not where I want to be yet – I'm still not even sure where that is – but I think I'm on the right path, at least.


Be less wasteful.

I got pretty good at this in 2018, given money became tighter anyway but there's always room for improvement. Whether it's buying more sustainable clothes or other products, buying less in general, and being smarter with my food shopping; I intend to keep it up.

Have more fun.

I rarely ever feel like I really have fun. Bit sad, but it's true. Granted, I enjoy my degree so when I work it's an odd kind of fun anyway, but I rarely really do things that really make me feel excited. Things I know that work are concerts, theatre, days and nights out with my closest friends, dating, going to new places, finding new writing ideas, writing(!), discovering new music, taking photos and finishing a new book. More of this in 2019 pls.

Recognise when things are good.

Instead of worrying about tomorrow or daydreaming about changing the past, I want to put more focus on the right now; what can I change to feel better right now and to realise that things aren't as bad I sometimes might feel. I put a lot of pressure on myself to reach high standards, both in work and just my every day life. For 2019 I want to make more effort to acknowledge the good bits, as small as they may be. When my degree is over, I'm sure I'll miss this little three year bubble.

I hope you have a wonderful New Years Eve, whatever you're doing, and may you make your 2019 good to you, too.

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