Sunday, 18 February 2018

4 Reasons to Read: The Prestige

Looking for something new to read? In to mysteries with a hint of fantasy and magic? Then I've got four reasons why The Prestige by Christopher Priest is the next book you want on your reading list.

The Prestige
Christopher Priest
Fiction, Historical, Mystery, Fantasy & Sci-fi
Two 19th century stage illusionists engage in a bitter and deadly feud. Working in the gaslight-and-velvet world of Victorian music halls, both men prowl edgily in the background of each other’s shadowy life, driven to extremes by a deadly combination of obsessive secrecy and insatiable curiosity.

T H E   P E R P L E X I N G   P L O T
Love a good mystery that really puts you through your paces? The Prestige does just that by delving into the magicians world of illusions and secrets, mastering the balance of deception and truth. Priest bares his "empty" hands yet keeps his secrets disguised in his craft, like a true magician. So, grab yourself a fine-toothed comb and a magnifying glass - you're going to need them!

T H E   E N G A G I N G   C H A R A C T E R S 
Both the main characters seriously pack a punch here. From the safety of Alfred Borden's steadfast, commanding and charming voice, to stumbling along with the obsessive Rupert Angier, you'll be desperately trying to decipher the puzzles with them - but which of them pulls off the better illusion? You can decide for yourself.

T H E   G E N R E   B L E N D 
I'll bet you looked at that list and thought: how the duck is it a historical-sci-fi-fantasy-mystery? You might think it sounds awful or like the author can't make up his mind, but no no. Priest adds just a hint of the sci-fi fantasy to balance the simplicity of his illusions, meanwhile the murky Victorian atmosphere enhances the mystery shrouding the characters. It all blends seamlessly for a seriously thrilling ride.

T H E   B I G G E R   I L L U S I O N  
If the final reveal doesn't leave you feeling a little shaken or wanting to read it again, then the overall illusion will; it fastens the book into a whole new level of deception! If you're anything like me, you might just find yourself dissecting it over and over, trying to work out how the heck Priest got you so good - and repeatedly!

So, have you read The Prestige or are you thinking of giving it a go? 
You won't be disappointed!

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