Sunday, 11 February 2018

The Return of the Lip Gloss

So pretty much everyone has been hooked on matte lips for the last few years, with the release of liquid lipsticks and overdrawing the lips being easier to achieve with a matte. I'll be the first to admit I love a dark matte lip, but after a while, those dry formulas can really take it out on the lips, especially in the peak of the cold season. After going through yet another re-run of Gossip Girl on Netflix, I was suddenly re-inspired by Blair and her ultra glossy lips from the final season; she always looked so chic and classy yet the shine made her look super sexy too. So, you got it, never one to just blindly follow the trends, I'm bringing the gloss right back.

Okay, so I'm also not the only one bringing the gloss back, I think the whole beauty world is getting kind of tired of those dry flat mouths and we're finally starting to see a shift, check out Lisa Eldridge's latest video (what a doll) for example. Formula's for lip glosses have also changed dramatically since back in the day of when I was about twelve and lip gloss just meant a sticky gooey mess. One thing you do have to bear in mind is longevity, the glosses will always need reapplying or will just melt off within a few hours, its a fact of life, but one I'm willing to accept for a juicy lip.

R I M M E L   O H   M Y   G L O S S  -  C R Y S T A L   C L E A R
The easiest way to get back into glosses is a clear formula. I love popping this on the back of my hand and then applying it with my fingers over a favourite colour I already have, just to switch up the texture of a lip look. This way, you save money by making any shade you already have glossy, and can apply as little or as much shine as you like!

M A X F A C T O R   H O N E Y   L A C Q U E R  -  R E G A L E   B U R G U N D Y

So the lacquers started coming in around 2017, for high pigment and high shine colour. Until now, I never bought into it. As someone who was no longer familiar with the gloss texture, this took a little getting used to as the formula is quite thick and heavy, but worth it for the pay off! You get exactly what it claims: an intense deep purple colour with voluptuous shine that lasts well - for a gloss.

R I M M E L   O H   M Y   G L O S S  -  O O H   L A   L A
For an everyday pop, I really love this bright pink shade. It's juicy but not sticky and the colour actually lasts really well, even if the gloss effect needs a little retouching! It's also so quick to apply and makes it look like I've made a lot more effort than I really did, and you know, I am all about that effortless look.

Have you dug out the ol' lip gloss recently or do you prefer sticking to the matte textures?

S H O P   T H E   P O S T

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