Sunday, 25 March 2018

Ultimate Style Icons // Blair Waldorf

In this series I will be exploring my ultimate style icons.
Over the last few years I begun to hone my style and wardrobe, and this has been heavily influenced by some of the most brilliant women, in the real and fictional world. When it comes to trend setters there is one lady who always jumps to mind: Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. Since discovering the series in 2015 and rewatching time and time again, I always go back to Blair as an inspiration for style, grace and sophistication.


I definitely owe a lot of my developed taste to Blair and her flair for the vivid colours. Pre-2015 me would never touch mustard or yellow clothing, but now it's one of my favourite colours to sport. What makes Blair's style unique is her ability to colour match palettes, her outfits always look polished and coordinated.


Another thing Blair has never been afraid of, is a bold print, then, even more daring is mixing bold prints. The key to getting it right is maintaining colour palettes, so as long as the colours fall together, so will the look; that's why Blair always looks so chic.


When it comes to high fashion, Blair knows all. The Upper East Side is full of extravagant events where an LBD needs a little more edge. Though I may not be attending cotillion or hosting a charity gala, Blair's keen eye for colour matching, flattering silhouettes, with just the right amount of sparkle has taught me how to spice up my look for a special occasion.

Finally, of course, a Blair Waldorf style post would be nothing without a mention of my favourite dress of the series: her stunning Elie Saab wedding dress. Unconventional? Maybe, but absolutely gorgeous? Check.

Look out for the next instalment in my ultimate style icons series coming soon!

Who are your style icons?

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