Sunday, 22 April 2018

My Go-To 5 Minute Make-Up

With deadlines for my final uni assignments for this year looming, the amount of time I want to spend on my face versus sleep and work time, is beginning to shift. As much as I love pampering myself of a morning and making my features look 10/10, at the moment, it's just not feasible. So, I've been employing a snappy five minute look that I can slap on before rolling out the door. It goes a little something like this...

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The Base

The number one priority for me is skin. If my skin looks relatively good, I'm happy. First up it's my trustee BENEFIT ERASE PASTE IN FAIR♡.  It's emollient, high coverage and the salmon tones really help to minimise the blue and purple tones in my under eyes. An absolute go to for masking all signs of tiredness and brightening the eyes.

When in a rush I always take out the foundation step in my routine and swap for a quick swipe of concealer, so next up is URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN CONCEALER IN FAIR NEUTRAL♡.  I've never been one to wear a complete mask of make-up, so swiping this concealer over areas of pigmentation and pimples is another long standing favourite. Plus, the doe-foot applicator makes it super easy to apply on specific areas. Easily medium to full coverage with a natural satin finish and great staying power,  it's perfect for the job.

Finally, if I'm feeling a need for an extra boost of glow then I grab BECCA SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR IN MOONSTONE♡.  I've tried many highlighters over the last few years, but I always come back to this. It's pearly, glossy but in no way glittery, so always leaves a beautiful, long lasting sheen on the skin. 


Adding some dimension back into my skin is always next on my list of priorities. The L'OREAL PARIS GLAM BRONZE CUSHION♡ is honestly the only bronzer I've ever owned that actually blends well into my painfully pale skin. As a cushion formula, the texture is perfect for achieving that lit-from-within summery glow I am desperate for, whilst helping to define my bone structure. The puff that comes with the product makes it quick and easy to apply, so again, perfect for when you're in a rush!

Of course, my make-up is never complete without a pinch in the cheeks. BECCA BEACH TINT IN GUAVA  is a holy grail for me, without a doubt. It's a natural, warm pink shade with a satin finish that lasts all day. It's very pigmented so I only use the tiniest squeeze of the tube and dab on with the tip of my finger. Even if I really am desperate to get out the door, I never go without this on as it instantly brings my complexion to life.

Another thing I'll never leave without is a lip colour. They take milliseconds to apply and seriously transform my face. If you read my recent 'Return of the Lipgloss' post then you'll know I'm having a bit of a moment with lip glosses, particularly RIMMEL OH MY GLOSS IN OOH LA LA♡.  They're so quick and easy to apply, even without a mirror, and instantly pull a look together. The formula isn't sticky and the colour even lightly stains the lip, so when the gloss inevitably wears off, you're still left with a little tint - I luv it.

Finishing Touches

If I'm really lazy, I can be persuaded to leave my brows. But why would I need to when I have the EYEKO BROW GEL?  I actually can't believe I've never mentioned this brow gel on my blog before, despite the fact it has been one of my favourites for a long, long time. The formula is incredible; it's slightly tinted so adds great texture and darkens the brow hairs, but it's also glossy, which means the hairs look incredibly natural and fluffy. What's more is that it keeps the brows tamed all day, without being waxy or clumpy. The magic is real.

If I have a little time or feel the need to make a little extra effort, I will bother with mascara, and the one I reach for at the moment is L'OREAL PARIS FALSE LASH EFFECT ARCHITECT MASCARA♡.  Over the last year I've been branching into L'Oreal mascaras and it turns out, they're pretty darn good; a slightly higher price point in terms of drugstore standards but completely worth it and still affordable. This mascara is waterproof and even holds a curl in my stubborn straight lashes. The formula also never gives me panda eyes, it defines the lashes enough to look long and fluttery but never clumpy: great for a quick swipe on an everyday basis.

What's your go-to five minute make-up?


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