Sunday, 29 April 2018

Ultimate Style Icons // Jess Day

Happy Sunday to you readers! I hope you are all having a relaxing day.
Today the series continues on my ultimate style icons; the women who have influenced my style and sense of fashion. This post is all about the girl who made geek chic: Jess Day. If you've watched New Girl then you'll know that Jess's style is striking and quirky from the very beginning. The basic formula is bangs, eyes, a-line or skater skirts and pumps. Bold tortoiseshell glasses are optional - or necessary if you're as blind as I am! In this post I have compiled all my favourite features of her fab fashion sense.

P R I M A R Y   C O L O U R S

If there's one thing about Jess' style that stands out, its her bold use of block primary colours. The principal is so simple it can almost never go wrong. While the contrasting blocks may seem stark, Jess pairs her bold colour with a pattern or another opposite colour and always makes it work! Also she doesn't hold back on the boldness of the colour, so inject that brightness into your life! I always seem to feel brighter and better when I'm wearing bright colours.

P O L K A   D O T S   &   S T R I P E S

Another thing Jess does well is pattern, specifically polka dots and stripes. Combined with the primary colours she always puts together an outfit that is simple, chic and super cute. You might be thinking it sometimes looks a little school girly, but there ain't nothing wrong with being feminine, and that's exactly what Jess is all about!

P Y J A M A S   &   C O L L A R   D E T A I L

Last but not least, Jess is queen when it comes to stylish sleepwear. How many characters do you know who's pyjamas are an important part of their character? Not many? Me neither, but Jess is not like many other characters. She definitely inspired me to look cute but feel comfortable even when all I'm doing is laying around in bed or on the sofa eating ice-cream, and let's be real: pyjama sets are so damn cute! Then of course we have collars; peter pan or shirt collars, Jess knows they add a fun yet professional detail to an outfit, which I absolutely love!
Posts like this really inspire me to have fun with my wardrobe, and I really believe it can be done even on a lower budget.  Let me know if Jess gives you any ideas for your wardrobe too!  Or if you've never seen New Girl, I definitely recommend giving it a watch if you're into quirky, silly but heartfelt programmes - Jess is basically me in 10 years!

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Who are your style icons?

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