Sunday, 13 May 2018

Spotify Recents Tag

Hello you!
It's been a while since I did a music tag, but thankfully, Hannah decided to challenge me to the Spotify Recents tag. If there's one thing that remains consistent in my life it's listening to music, so Hannah: challenge accepted!

The 1975 - The 1975
This won't be the first time The 1975 appear in this post. It kind of concerns me just how much I listen to this band and every track on this album; there's a track for every mood, although favourites have got to be Settle Down and Menswear, which were two of the first tracks I ever listened to a few years back.

James Newton Howard - Healing Katniss
So a lot of the music I listen to a ridiculous amount (1000 plays and more, yep) is movie scores. They're great for ambience when I'm writing, or for just gently filling the silence of evenings spent buried in the safety of my dorm.  Healing Katniss is such a gorgeous track by one of my favourite composers and so easy to just pop on repeat for hours.

John Mayer - New Light
My music love affair with John Mayer has been going for at least seven years, which in my relatively short life so far, is a pretty long relationship. He's one of those artists where every album is an easy and head banging or foot tapping listen. I nearly always love at least 99% of the tracks and his latest release (just three days ago!) is sure to be another classic. John has an amazing skill of reviving his music in a way that sounds like him but also completely refreshed.

The 1975 - Somebody Else
Told you. There's no question when it comes to The 1975 as my favourite band. A track for every mood, sharp lyrics and always the head bopper. Two concerts later and a new album on the horizon, my love for this band ain't goin' anywhere. I fell in love with Somebody Else the second I heard it live on tour in 2015 before the album's release and I still love it today!

Kaci Battaglia - Learn to Love Again
This track could come under the wooden spoon category, but I can't deny the fact that this is my ultimate feel-good track. After first hearing it in one of my favourite films as a pre-teen (The Perfect Man, heyo), it always reminds me of happy memories. Also it's a massive and fun fuk you break up track, for the less angry gal.

Taylor Swift - 1989 Deluxe
1989 has to be Taylor's best album in my opinion. Also the year it came out was a busy one for me: performing shows, meeting new friends and going to new places, so the tracks always brings back good memories. Plus every track is a banger.

Kacey Musgraves - Space Cowboy
I've had a few tracks by Kacey in my library for a while but after the release of her latest album, I became addicted to Space Cowboy. Her music is so reminiscent of my old favourite folk/country music (AND WHAT) like Taylor Swift's old stuff, also she's a fab lyricist; yes pls.

Paramore - 26
This has to be my favourite sob song, mostly because it's so gently melancholic yet holds a sense of optimism. A sob song for me couldn't be too indulgent and the acoustic guitar and stirring melodies hit it just right. Good ol' Paramore.

THE WOODEN SPOON SONG (i.e. that one cheesy jam you secretly adore)
The Greatest Showman Soundtrack - From Now On
As a film student, I shouldn't like this movie because it's pretty terrible, but the music is undeniably catchy and this track just instantly puts me in a good mood - after the first minute, at least.

Thank you again Hannah for the tag! You can have a read of her post here.
Now, I tag YOU reading this! Give it a whirl if ya fancy!

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