Why We Need 'The Guilty Feminist' Podcast

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Podcasts. I feel like you're either completely on the bandwagon or have no idea what I'm talking about.
Most people I know have never touched a podcast. They either don't know where to begin or just shrug them off never to be mentioned again. Honestly, I think the medium is seriously underrated; it's free, easily accessible on the go and – if you find the right ones – the content is top notch. This is by no means a sponsored post, I just feel so passionately about one in particular: 
The Guilty Feminist.

Since returning from university, going back to work was like falling out of a world injected with colour and back into black and white. I felt unstimulated and unmotivated. Desperate for something to tickle my braincells again, I returned to The Guilty Feminist after months away from my sporadic listening in 2017.

Don't be fooled by the title, this is not just an ear bashing from radical feminist's drawing you into their cult. It's an incredibly entertaining and insightful comedy show, recorded in front of live audiences in theatres around the world, fronted by an array of talented and inspirational women, namely comedian and writer, Deborah Frances-White. But there's a twist, the podcast is founded as a place to discuss our 21st century experiences, whilst confessing our "I'm a feminist but's": the hypocrisies and insecurities which undermine our feminist principles.

Every episode features fantastic comedians from all walks of life; it's incredibly inclusive and eye-opening, and I truly believe everyone should listen to this podcast. Not just us ladies and non-binaries who'll find comfort and understanding in the oestrogen fuelled environment, but perhaps more importantly, for gents, to open their eyes to both the realities and value of the other 51% of the population, and what they can do to level the playing field, improving their own experiences in the process (sexism/equality goes both ways 'n all that).

The Guilty Feminist is a platform that offers a safe space for stories and experiences to be shared, charities and causes to be supported, and lessons on inclusivity in our ever-changing society to be discovered – all whilst belly laughing. It's a huge step up from the boring, limited content and frankly inauthentic news channels that flood our TV screens. I often find myself genuinely moved by the discussions, either nodding profusely or laughing out-loud at my computer screen whilst listening. The speakers/comedians are always engaging, but host Deborah really makes the show for me. Many sensitive and controversial topics are discussed on the podcast, from Weinstein culture, mental health to Mother/Daughter relationships, and Deborah is always there to balance things out. She is brilliantly astute and in-tune with a wide variety of viewpoints, encouraging inclusivity and giving a voice to those who cannot be heard. Just as importantly, she opens a window for her live audiences and listeners to lend a helping hand, whatever our circumstances. Deborah gives us the power to be the change we wish to see at every opportunity. After smashing through about 50 episodes in the last two weeks, I have to admit that seeing a live recording is now definitely on my bucket-list.

The podcast is easily accessible for free on many platforms, including Spotify, Apple PodcastsaCast, and The Guilty Feminist website. Please note parental guidance is advised, there are plenty of f-bombs and the occasional c-bomb dropped throughout. Each episode is around an hour long with stand-up segments, panels and advice, all beginning with a series of guilty confessions, such as "I'm a feminist, but I once chased a man down the street screaming because he stole my makeup bag out of my handbag thinking it was my purse, because I had a Laura Mercier lipstick in my favourite shade that was discontinued...".

If you want an episode to start with, I'd recommend 73. Weinstein Culture part #metoo with Jo Brand and Jessica Fostekew which is one of my favourites and a great one to dip your toes in with. Brilliantly funny, engaging and educational, join the gang and have a listen below. You can also check out The Guilty Feminist website for more information or follow them on twitter @guiltfempod.

Have you listened to The Guilty Feminist, or do you have any other recommendations for me? 
I'd love to hear from you!

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