Wednesday, 5 September 2018

8 Bloggers Inspiring Me Right Now

When in a creative slump, consumption for inspiration is the best medicine.

It's no news to you that my content has been a little slow off the mark lately. For most of this summer I've been working full time and fallen into a creative slump, in terms of blog post ideas. I have, however, been working away in the background; tidying things up with a new template, new logos, and EVEN a fancy new domain – you're welcome, I hope ya like it as much as I do. In search of recharging my creative batteries I've been consuming a lot more content lately and while the market is apparently 'oversaturated', there are plenty of creators doing some really great work and frankly, I can't get enough.

The Anna Edit.  I've been firm follower of Anna for quite a few years now. Her content is polished, consistent and totally relatable – it's like catching up with a close friend or big sister, hearing her thoughts and recommendations. She covers a variety of topics from beauty, fashion, books, podcasts and lifestyle, with a friendly and very chilled vibe, always keeping things stripped back and simple. I am all about that classic / minimalist / Parisian chic, and Anna is always the first I turn to help me climb out of a creative slump.

Petite Ellie.  As a fellow petite gal, Ellie has jumped to the forefront of my creative juice drinking, with stunning photography and a very personable voice behind her posts. She mostly discusses all things fashion for the vertically challenged, beauty and life, and I'm really enjoying everything she's bringing to the blogging world at the moment.

Wear Daisy Went.  Again, I've been following Daisy for quite some time and if I ever need a little kick to pull your socks up and work on your blog, Daisy will do it. Her content is consistently polished and regular, covering all things from fashion, beauty and travel. Plus, her photography is absolutely stunning – just looking at her insta feed makes me feel a bit fluffy and warm inside, sigh.

Like Neon Love.  From all the way down under, Tenneil's content has really caught my eye recently. If it's not enough that her blog and instagram feed are beautiful, her content is very well written. Her recent post on being OK as a small blogger really struck a chord with me, clearly articulating all my same thoughts and concerns about the blogging world – definitely worth a read. Since then, she's been all the more on my radar.

From Roses.  Rebecca's content is not only so lovely to look at, but is also quite diverse. From things to watch on netflix, lifestyle, dog heaven and of course, style and beauty, her posts aren't just the run of the mill content and always have her own little spin – as soon as her name pops up, I'm already reading her work.

Cliona Hill.  An Irish blogger I've followed for quite some time, Cliona's content is beautifully designed, well written and organised. Her posts are always a fun or interesting read and current; I love seasonal posts and hearing about new beauty products from all price ranges, and Cliona never lets me down.

Lily Pebbles.  I've noticed Lily doing things a little different of late. Her content is frequently becoming more real, transparent and genuine, than any other of the 'bigger' bloggers/youtubers. From blunt honesty around working with brands in this video, to creating much more unedited and stripped back content such as vlogs, Lily's cutthroat honesty runs a long way with me and only draws me to her content more.

The blogging world might be 'oversaturated' but its audience is diverse and ever changing. I honestly don't believe there will ever be 'enough ' or 'too much' content, as long as we as consumers tailor what we receive to what we love. Also, as long as we as creators are doing what we love, using our talents and skills to produce high quality work that we're proud of, which in turn engages with our audiences. In this mad world online, I just try to focus on supporting those whose work I love, instead of tearing others down, and remove myself from anything negative or toxic with that good old 'unfollow' button. With so many talented and lovely ladies inspiring me everyday, it's not that difficult, right?

So, who's inspiring you right now?

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