Sunday, 26 May 2019

The Magic of Sheet Masks

I know, late on the bandwagon. But it's a good bandwagon.

Who knew that in 2018/2019 we'd all love slapping a sheet on our face to look like terrifying ghosts and that it'd give us the softest skin we've ever had. That is the magic of sheet masks. The Korean trend that took off last year is well and truly filling the high-street; designed to plump and rehydrate, they're easy, affordable and a genuine quick fix. 


If you're not already familiar with sheet masks then here's the low down. Basically, they work by saturating the face with moisturisers and serums, quenching your skin's thirst and leaving it rejuvenated. They're ideal for popping on before applying makeup to give a smooth base, before bed to let the serums do their thing overnight, or even on a flight. I prefer to exfoliate once a week as well before applying, for maximum effects. Of course, if you compare bang-for-your-buck in terms of buying a tub of moisturiser instead, the masks are probably a little on the pricy side. But it's their function and form that you really pay for. Besides, Simple's sheets are a max of £3 a pop; they're pretty affordable and have instant quick-fix effects, so they're perfect for treating yourself to a little pampering on a special occasion – and that's what masks are really about.


They're fuss and mess free.  Gone are the days of scrubbing the clay / mud / gel off the perimeters of your face and flooding the bathroom floor. Simply whip open the packet, slap it on, laze about, peel it off, rub in the excess and throw it away. Bish, bash, bosh. Bonus points for travel friendliness too!

They demand at least 5 minutes of doing NOTHING.  Nope. No cooking, no tidying, no sitting at your desk. You are confined on your back unless you want the mask to slide down your face and slap your foot instead (can you tell I've tried?). Be brave and try scrolling or texting with your phone in the air but if you're anything like me it'll just fall and take out a tooth. Just lay there, do nothing and shut your eyes. Have a damn break!

The results are instant.  Just like with exfoliating scrubs where the dead skin is instantly removed, these sheets inject the skin with moisture, immediately leaving it hydrated and plump. The 5 minute application completely saturates the skin with the serum, allowing it to nourish and sink in. Makeup then applies smoothly and your face looks glowy and fresh.

Have you tried sheet masks yet? What are your favourites?

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