Sunday, 16 June 2019

6 Female YouTubers who Empower and Inspire Me

Looking for quality content? Here are my top faves.

In recent years there's been a lot of speculation over the YouTube platform and its place online. For me, it's only been a beacon of positive and inspirational content as I keep my subscription box very streamlined and really cba to get caught up in the drama. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite creators that empower and inspire me – sharing is caring and all that.

The Professional MUA - Lisa Eldridge. Back when beauty YouTube began to take off, professional makeup artist and entrepreneur, Lisa Eldridge, was right there embracing the changing tides. Much of what I've learnt about beauty over the years comes from Lisa's years of experience in the industry and her incredible tips and tricks. If you've never seen her before, you're in a for a treat. Never one to take a sponsorship, Lisa simply dedicates her channel to empowering her viewers with the power of makeup; from editorials, natural looks, guest artists (including Mary Greenwell – all hail), to masking blemishes and tackling your PMS face, Lisa rightly earns the number one spot for quality beauty tutorials on women of all ages, sizes and colours.

Forever Flawless Base - Karima McKimmie.  A lot of my YouTube browsing consists of makeup tutorials – surprise, surprise! But when it comes to bushy brows and flawless skin, Aussie Karima has always been top dawg. Her tutorials are frank with a splash of comedy (MOAR MIST) and easy to follow with unusual 'hacks' thrown in for good measure. What more could you want?

The Fashionista - Freddy My Love.  If there's ever a gal to inspire me to spruce up, it's Freddy. A walking princess Instagram theme, Freddy's videos – with her elegant pink style and Grace Kelly demeanour – remind me to readjust my sails in the direction I want them to face. While she may be the exact definition of 'extra' or 'high maintenance' and the feminist in me screams "you don't have to look perfect all the time, screw beauty standards" etc., Freddy never imposes her outlook on anyone and actually reminds me that there's joy in taking time to take care of yourself in any way that serves you; there's a lot of empowerment in even one simple act of painting your nails once a fortnight. So yes, feminists can and will wear pink, high heels and sunglasses, for no one other than themselves and then share that joy with gals like Freddy.

Queen of the Capsule Wardrobe - The Anna Edit.  Once again, Anna has long been one of my favourite content creators, perhaps most known for her rigorous implementation of the Capsule Wardrobe life. Also, as an organisation junkie myself, her tips for streamlining your collections towards sustainability, one section at a time, bring me pure joy and inspiration. From downsizing her wardrobe and beauty collection to renovating her home – you'd think seeing the same old products on a recycling circuit would get boring, but you know what? It really doesn't! It's actually so refreshing to see items being rehashed and reinvented, particularly in her 10x10 outfit videos; challenge absolutely accepted for my trip to Dublin later this summer, saving money, luggage space and the planet – win. Definitely give her Kitchen Tour & Organisation Tips and Bedroom Makeover videos a watch too, if you're into frothing at the mouth over interior design and organisational content, like me. You're welcome.

The Celeb - Alexa Chung. New on the block, joining the increasing number of celebrities jumping on the YT bandwagon, model, presenter and entrepreneur, Alexa, is more than welcome in my sub box. Always Parisienne 'thrown together' chic, I'm all here for the backstage access to her fashion and makeup brands and tips on styling – all tied together by her sharp wit and whacky personality. Instantly refreshing and inspiring, yes pls.

The Comedienne - Georgia Productions. Last but not least, Georgia's channel full of sketches and comedy is (currently) the only one of it's kind in my subs. Brilliantly astute and bizarre with perfect comedy timing, her weekly Saturday uploads are a joy to wake up to. After years of seeing boys make ridiculous challenge and 'comedy' videos, Georgia is a breath of fresh air, reaffirming that girls can be funny too aCtUaLlY, while even commenting on wider social issues (including the horrific Logan Paul drama, as below) – except they do it regularly, to schedule, with scripts. LAWL, SLAYED.

Who are your favourite YouTubers?
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