Sunday, 2 June 2019

Favourites Edit: May 2019

It's been a while since I did a monthly faves but we're back on the ball!

With deadlines finally done and dusted, I've spent most of my time back at home actually taking care of myself; call me high maintenance or just really great at self-care. There's something about having freshly painted nails, moisturised legs, sitting with a face mask on in a satin robe while watching Breakfast at Tiffany's that just screams très chic. That is exactly what this month's favourites edit is all about.


Boots Eyebrow Shaping Kit. I have always been an eyebrow gal. Luckily I'm blessed with relatively bushy brows but until I picked up this kit, I forgot how much I love shaping them. Back in 2017 when everyone started growing them out, I jumped on that lazy gal train – which is fine and there's nothing wrong with bushes and stray hairs, only, I actually like refining my appearance and creating the perfect arch! Anyway, I picked up this kit and sweet lordy my brows have POW! got their game back. Favourite tools have to be the scissors and the pointed tweezers. Who knew they made special slanted scissors to snip those long, unruly hairs, and that pointed tweezers help pick out that one damn hair ruining the whole shape. I finally feel like Megan Fox again, *pouts and cocks brows furiously* mwahaha.

Smashbox Brow Tech to Go. With my brows tamed and back in shape, I returned to an old favourite to fill in the sparse areas and create definition. I used to this double ended pen and gel product back in my early blogging days, recommended by Lisa Eldridge and it's never let me down; great for travelling with two products in one, plus the triangular pencil nib makes it super easy to fill in gaps and create the perfect tail.

The Body Shop Yoghurt Moisturiser. I already mentioned this product back in my New In #2 post, but I just can't get enough. It's a holy grail, I am absolutely certain. This gentle and gel like formula sinks into the skin almost instantly, leaving it feeling soft and smelling incredible. Bonus: since using it I haven't seen a smidge of eczema on my body. Thank you Body Shop, THANK U.

Simple Hydrogel Face Mask. Again, I did a post about these literally just last week but of course, they deserve a spot in the favourites edit. Affordable and easy to use, I just slap these on before makeup or for an evening on the sofa to treat my face to a big fat drink. The results? Flakey crepey foundation and concealer, be gone!

New Look Red Espadrilles. You really can't go wrong with a good pair of espadrilles. They're lightweight and comfortable so perfect for spring/summer days. Plus, I love the pop of colour with red to spice up any casual outfit.

Boohoo Satin Robe. Am I a Hollywood starlet yet? There's something about lazing around in a silky satin robe, reading or watching a movie that just makes me feel so elegant. This one is super affordable but feels surprisingly good quality – thick lining yet delicate and soft. Next month I want slippers with feathers on them, Vogue, an eye mask to sleep in and gallons of wine.


The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood. After the whole Alabama abortion law debacle came out a few weeks ago, I felt shook. It still infuriates me to think about now – even though the media flurry has quietened down, it's still a reality for those women. I saw so many tweets and Instagram posts linking the laws to this book, which had been on my reading list since last summer. I finally decided to pick it up and gorge. As a writer, the more I read the better, and as a feminist novel, there's a lot of tips and tricks for me to pick up here. Atwood's reputation for sharp writing and incredible imagination holds out. I'm almost halfway through and it's the world building, paralleled with our reality, that makes this book so gripping and moving; it's harrowing to think that our world edges ever closer to such a nightmare.

The Japanese House - Good At Falling. I've been a big fan of The Japanese House after seeing her live as an opening act for The 1975 back in 2016. Her latest album sounds just like summer, with cool guitars, sharp lyrics and dreamy synth vocals. Worms is definitely a favourite.

Dirty Dancing (1987). I've spent the last two years watching obscure and convoluted films as a film student. Sometimes, you just need to draw things back and remember that just because it doesn't require subtitles and it's a musical doesn't mean it's not cool and totally worth watching. Dirty Dancing is one of those films that's so well done, it seems simple on the surface but is in actual fact deceptively complex and intelligent, dealing with issues of abortions, class and relationships. Sharp narrative, great soundtrack, incredible dancing and talented cast – what's not to love? I was also thrilled to find the film ages well in terms of feminism; Baby is smart, complex and headstrong. She doesn't have to change who she is to get the guy and works hard to achieve her desires. Also, Patrick Swayze wanting to be 'your guy' – enough said.

What have you been loving this month?

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