Frequently Asked Questions


What genres do you edit?

I specialise in providing affordable book editing service for the following genres:

  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Mystery Fiction
  • Thriller Fiction
  • Suspense Fiction
  • Crime Fiction
  • Paranormal / Ghost Fiction
  • Romance Fiction (all subgenres, e.g. Historical, Paranormal)
However, I am always open to editing other projects, so even if your work falls outside those listed above, please feel free to contact me for a quote.

How long will it take you to edit my work?

There are several factors to consider when estimating how long it will take me to edit your work. The first factor is the time I have available when you reach out to me. I tend to schedule my projects on a first come first served basis, so it is important to contact me as soon as possible, if you would like me to edit your work – particularly if you are working to a deadline. Other factors that will have an impact include the project length, the depth of editing required, and whether you are in need of proofreading, copyediting, or developmental editing. Deadlines will be discussed and agreed upon before any work commences.

Which software do you use for editing?

I use Microsoft Word. It is the most widely used software between editors and authors, with some very useful features. All of my edits will be performed with the 'Track Changes' feature switched on so that you can review every change and comment in-line. Don't worry if you're not sure how to use the 'Track Changes' feature – I will assist you every step of the way. I can also edit within Pages or Google Docs if necessary, but I ask my clients to be aware that the editing features available in Microsoft Word are much more capable, so I would prefer to edit in Microsoft Word where possible.

Do you provide free sample edits?

Yes. I offer a free, no-obligation sample edit (typically no more than 1,500 words) to all clients who contact me about projects over 2,000 words. There is a limit of 1 sample edit per client.

How many revisions do you carry out?

After editing or proofreading the manuscript, I reread it all again to double check everything before sending back the edited version. If there are specific aspects for me to check as I’m editing, I ask the client for clarification when I provide weekly updates. If the client makes any further changes after I return the edited version that aren’t related to the work I have carried out, I charge a nominal fee to work through/amend these changes. My aim is to make each book the best it can be and return an edited manuscript that is ready to progress to publication.

How does it all work?

Most of my services are processed through the Fiverr platform. Please visit my Developmental Edit Gig or Manuscript Critique Gig for more information. For Direct Commissions All communication with me will be via email, at or by telephone or video call, at your request. Upon receiving your request for a quote, I will complete and send to you my Author's Quote Sheet (aptly named, I know). This is a no-obligations document that will simply confirm the details of your request, demonstrate how my charges are calculated, outline the cost of the deposit and final charge, and when you can expect the service to be completed. If you're happy with the quote, I'll ask you to read and sign a copy of my terms & conditions. You'll also need to complete a short questionnaire about your project, so I can develop a detailed understanding of your vision for your project and how I can help. This can be done as an informal chat with me over the phone, or you can simply fill in the sheet and send it back to me – along with your manuscript, of course! Once this is all done and all your questions are answered, I will send you an invoice for a 25% deposit. This must be paid before I can begin working on your manuscript. Once I have received the deposit, I will notify you of the date I begin and keep in regular contact you with updates on how it's going. When my service is finished, I will return your polished manuscript to you along with any additional feedback sheets included in the service. I will also ask for written confirmation that you are satisfied with my work, before sending over my final invoice for the remaining 75% of my fee, which is payable within 30 days. And that's it! Phew!

Why do you use Fiverr? Isn't that for amateurs?

Fiverr adds a few layers of important security for both business owners and clients in freelance work. Their policies ensure you will only pay for work you are satisfied with, and equally, it protects me by ensuring I am paid for my efforts – instead of waiting on unpaid invoices. Until better policies are put in place to ensure freelancers like me are protected from fraudulent clients, I find Fiverr's practices a fair cost.


How much do you charge for your editorial services?

My Developmental Edits are charged at a rate of £0.009 / per word. Click here to find out more on Fiverr. My Proofreading Service is charged at a rate of £0.005 / per word. Click here to find out more on Fiverr.

How can I pay you?

I accept most orders through Fiverr only. However, if you'd rather work with me directly, I can send you an invoice with details on how to make a payment via Paypal, once you confirm your order via email.

Will I need to pay a deposit before you start editing my work?

Yes, if you work with me directly. I will typically request a deposit of 25% of the total cost for projects over 10,000 words. Deposits for smaller projects will vary. All of this will be explained and agreed upon with each client, via email, before I begin any work. For projects completed through Fiverr, projects are paid for upon commencement, however the funds are only released to me when you have received my work and confirm you are satisifed with the delivery.