An Open Letter to my Drama Teachers.  For Onstage Blog, an online theatre publication.

Digging Potatoes with Josette Simon.  For Demon Crew Review, De Montfort University's official creative writers blog.


Transgression.  A short task written in 1st Year.
As the last of the golden sun fades into the horizon, we agree it’s safe to put the plan in motion. We’re experts at this now, masters in the tricks of the trade and the lies just roll off our tongues. We calculate our every move, leaving your shoes by the back door, the key in the lock and phone numbers under fake names. We draw closer to the house at the end of the road, it’s quiet and the windows are black – except one... 

The Hybrids.   Final 1st Year Assignment.
The ward is quiet and cold, as Doctor Wallace arrives for the final phase of test forty-two. Her heels echo on the patent floors and pierce the air. She holds her palm to the wall sensor. It beeps as the doors hiss open. A sharp chemical smell fills her nose and her shoulders relax. She surveys the row of patients to ensure they are all safely shut down... 


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