3 Ways to Avoid Blank Page Panic

So you're ready to start your next project but there's a judgy white space of doom staring back at you. I get it, we've all been there. Your palms start to sweat, your brain starts closing it's creativity doors, one by one, until all that's left is a little monkey bashing cymbals and screaming "I GOT NOTHIN'".

Just me? Well lucky for you. But hey, if you've ever felt that resistance set in when facing a blank page then here are 3 simple ways you can avoid the stress and just focus on writing your next bestseller.

Write What You've Got

Pretty obvious one but I'm talking about whatEvER you've got. Notes, bullet points, a line of dialogue or a couple of terrible unrelated unfinished sentences. One thing we might forget when we first start is that it doesn't have to be perfect – or if you're a perfectionist then it certainly doesn't have to be perfect YET. Give yourself license to make it messy. We've been raised to believe that every sentence must be perfect and everything must make sense, but this is your blank page and with the magic of a backspace button or an eraser (you old skool cool kid) you can correct it later. Try to relieve that pressure of getting it right and worry about the finished thing later. Just get stuck in and write what you've got.

Read and Edit Existing Work First

This point follows on from last week's post all about the magic of ✨FLOW✨. One of the easiest ways to prime your brain for creativity is to use triggers for this psychological state of mind. In writing terms, that means using pattern recognition techniques – like that of reading and editing your previous chapter or paragraph – to ease your brain into the task. This will help quieten that screaming monkey and get him working on something that feeds him dopamine (and new ideas), so he's ready to tackle the blank page with all the ammunition he needs.

Stop While You Still Have Fuel

Our little monkey brains often like to finish a task properly. It helps us to feel satisfied, to read until the end of the chapter or finish a Netflix episode. You might write to the end of a particular section or finish a blog post (ahem) even when your fingers are tired of typing but the ideas just keep fLoWiNg. But what if you stopped and made notes about your next task while you're still in the zone, ready for tomorrow – instead of finishing up and having to start a new the next day? You'd be doing tomorrow you a favour right? They just have to do the hard bit of padding out that line of dialogue into a full conversation or extending that opening sentence and five bullet points into a few paragraphs. This way, in the zone you already did the other hard bit of generating the initial ideas. So while it might feel like you're leaving behind unfinished business, in reality, tomorrow you will be one step ahead. You can thank yourself later.

So there you have it, 3 ways to avoid blank page panic so you can continue to write your best work.

Let me know if any of them work for you!👇



About the Author

Hollie is a writer and developmental editor for independent authors. 

She writes mindful self-improvement and creative writing tips.