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When it comes to getting your book right, there's a number of editorial services I can offer to help you polish your manuscript, ready for self-publication or submission to agents and publishers. My services are also completely flexible, dependent on your needs and financial capacity.

Top tip: you can submit ALL or PART of your manuscript for any service listed below.

Developmental Edit

Perfect for writers in the early stages of the drafting process.

Let's call this the 'big picture edit'. Developmental edits are highly substantive and ideal for authors looking for a second opinion that isn't from a friend or family member (lovely as they are, I'm sure). This edit will focus on developing your story, with key consideration of all the main elements that make a great story. You will receive a detailed editorial letter outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, and a thorough analysis of all the key elements – including structure, plot, pacing, characters, point of view (POV) and much more. I will also make useful notes on your manuscript and provide additional suggestions for improvement or recommendations for your next steps. 


Perfect for writers with a polished final draft who need a second eye on those nitty-gritty grammar errors.

Copyedits sweat the small stuff. Picture me with a spyglass, meticulously making my way through your manuscript to catch all those pesky spelling, grammar and punctuation errors we all make from time to time. I can also create a style sheet (or stick to your existing one if you prefer) to make sure your writing is consistent and clear. Your manuscript will be returned to you squeaky clean with any comments, adjustments, insertions or deletions available in Microsoft Word's Track Changes.


Perfect for writers who are ready to publish and need one last check.

If your manuscript is ready for publication or submission but you want one last check over potential lumps and bumps in your spelling, capitalisation, grammar and punctuation errors, correct formatting, accurate references and consistency – then you need a proofread. Your manuscript will be returned to you polished, with any adjustments, insertions or deletions available in Microsoft Word's Track Changes – and most importantly, you'll be ready to go.


It can be difficult to determine what kind of edit you need, so here is a breakdown of all the features included in each service, so you can select the one best suited to you.

Service Features
Developmental Edit

Detailed analysis of:

  • plot

  • structure

  • pacing

  • characterisation

  • world building

  • tone

  • point of view

  • genre and audience

  • chapters

  • hooks

  • dialogue

An editorial letter, outlining strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions for improvement

Amendments made directly to your manuscript, with all insertions, adjustments or deletions available in Microsoft Word's Track Changes

Corrections made to:

  • spelling mistakes and typos

  • punctuation errors

  • grammar errors

  • consistency of tense

  • subject-verb agreement

  • capitalisation errors

  • hyphenation errors

  • dialogue punctuation formatting

Technical improvements for:

  • quality of word usage

  • effectiveness of writing

  • flow of text

  • sentence and paragraph structure

  • removal of redundant phrases

  • revisions to awkward phrasing without losing author's voice and style

A selection of helpful annotations on your manuscript, using Microsoft Word's Track Changes

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My rates are split into four packages in order to be flexible to your needs. The packages reflect the varying length of projects I can assist with, or how many chapters / sections / words you choose to submit.

Developmental Edit


Up to 5,000 words of a first chapter, essay, article, flash fiction or short story

£0.005/per word
£0.004/per word


5,000 to 15,000 words for a few chapters, thesis or short stories

£0.008/per word
£0.005/per word
£0.004/per word


50,000 to 100,000 words for a full-length book of all genres (for larger novels please enquire below for a bespoke package).

£0.004/per word
£0.005/per word
£0.008/per word
£0.008/per word


15,000 to 50,000 words for a novel, novella or collection of short stories


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