Editorial Assessment - £30*

*For projects up to 20,000 words.

An additional charge of £2 per extra 10,000 words is applied on larger projects.

An initial editorial assessment will provide a valuable overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your project, including feedback on elements such as structure, characterisation, plot, consistency and style. This will help to define a strategy to revise your work to improve the execution of your ideas.

Copy Editing - 0.01/per word

Copyedits include checking a document for grammar and spelling errors, editing for consistency and clarity, ensuring adherence to a style guide, and fact checking.

Developmental Editing - 0.013/per word

Developmental edits are more substantive than a copy edit and focus more on structure, organisation, characters, voice and tone. Developmental edits are helpful early in the writing process and can help with putting together an outline or organising thoughts for a final project.

Proofreading - 0.01/per word

Proofreading is the final check for spelling, capitalisation and punctuation errors, correct formatting, accurate references and consistency.

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Please note I specialise in mystery, romance and fantasy fiction, but I'm happy to take on anything else.

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Hollie gave me feedback on my job applications, helping me to structure responses to long-answer questions and editing my covering letters for spelling and grammar errors. What she helped me with has given me the skills needed not only for job applications, but for any written task!


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