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Developmental Editing    |    Proofreading

“When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.”

Stephen King

Developmental Editing

Comprehensive feedback for authors determined to write their best novel.

Non-Judgemental Manuscript Critique

One of the hardest things about being a writer is, paradoxically, sharing our work with others. Hiring an editor can be intimidating. What if they hate it? What if my story isn't good enough?


Don't worry. As a self-published author I know how daunting it is to hand your hard work over for critique, so I want to make that easier for you.

Honouring Author Intentions

One of the reasons I became an editor is because I love to develop and workshop a piece of writing. I'm passionate about helping authors improve their skills and gain confidence in their work. 

That's why I prioritise my author's intentions in my edits. My job is to help you succeed and I can't wait to read your brilliant ideas! You'll get the guidance you're looking for, plus plenty of expert support to help you realise your goals.

Get Publication Ready

Do you have a complete manuscript, written and revised to the best of your ability but you want expert insight and guidance before self-publishing or pitching to agents/publishers? Or are you struggling to finish your manuscript and want expert advice and suggestions for improvement? Then you need a developmental edit.

Developmental edits are all about critiquing the macro elements of your manuscript; the 'big picture' areas that determine how the content of story works as a whole. It's the process of stepping back with a fresh pair of eyes. I will provide insightful feedback on the strengths of your work and any areas you might want to improve. You will receive a hefty editorial report with detailed analysis of all the key story elements and suggestions for improvement – all of which are entirely up to you to choose how you refine your work thereafter.

What's Included?
  • A detailed editorial report, outlining strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement

  • Insightful analysis of key story elements:

    • premise

    • plot

    • scenes

    • chapters

    • hooks

    • structure

    • themes

    • pacing

    • conflict and stakes

    • characterisation

    • world building

    • consistency

    • tone

    • point of view and tense

    • genre and audience

    • dialogue​

  • Specialised analysis on literary devices vital for the thriller, crime, suspense, mystery and paranormal genre:

    • use of intrigue

    • tension​ and suspense

    • surprises, reversals and pay off

    • red herrings and clues

    • crossing thresholds

    • unreliable narrators

    • innovative plot twists

  • A selection of helpful annotations on your manuscript, using Microsoft Word's Track Changes

  • A list of useful resources and references, tailored to your story, to demonstrate my suggestions in action

  • FREE access to my formatting and writing guides, to help you apply my feedback to your work

My Approach

​I will never tell you how to write your novel. That's for you to decide. My job is to guide you and your work, with my expertise in creative writing and publishing entirely at your disposal.

Optional Extras

A small additional fee can be applied for further feedback on revisions made in view of my edit.

What's NOT Included?
  • Rewrites or changes made direct to your manuscript

  • Revisions or corrections made to micro elements:

    • spelling​

    • grammar

    • capitalisation

    • punctuation

    • syntax

    • subject-verb agreement

    • hyphenation errors

    • dialogue punctuation 

The Important Stuff

  • 14 days*

    for standard length novels

  • £0.008

    per word

  • Sample

    up to 1,500 words for free

*Please note all delivery times are calculated per word count or project and will be confirmed

in writing before work commences. See FAQ for more details.


How Can I Help?

  • Developmental Edits

    Substantial scene-by-scene feedback to help you reach your creative and publishing goals.

  • Proofread

    Corrections to spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, checking for inconsistencies and more.



A final quality check for writers to ensure their copy is polished and perfected.

For Fiction & Non-Fiction Writers

If your book or short story has been thoroughly edited and you're happy with your work at both the content and sentence-level, I will be a fresh set of eyes to scan your work and complete a final tidy-up, catching any copy errors that may have slipped through before publication.

I Can Help With
  • Books / Manuscripts

  • Short Stories

  • Flash Fiction

  • Competition Entries

  • Query Letters

For Businesses & Students

As a trained Editor and Proofreader, it's my job to spot those pesky errors that slip under the radar when we're busy trying to hit a deadline. But common mistakes with spelling, punctuation and grammar can diminish the effectiveness of your writing for your clients or projects. Details and deadlines are my toolkit, and with my help, you can be sure your documents will be returned to you clean, clear and ready for publication.

I Can Help With
  • Newsletters

  • Business reports and documents

  • Magazine articles

  • Blog posts

  • Academic essays

  • CVs and Cover Letters

What's Included?

  • 2 copies of your manuscript or document:

    • 1 clean, polished copy with all changes accepted

    • 1 polished copy with all insertions, adjustments or deletions made in Microsoft Word 'Track Changes' available for you to accept or reject

  • Revisions or corrections made to micro elements, direct to your manuscript or document:

    • spelling​ errors

    • grammar errors

    • capitalisation errors

    • punctuation errors

    • hyphenation errors

    • syntax

    • subject-verb agreement

    • dialogue punctuation 

    • accurate referencing

    • consistent formatting

The Important Stuff

  • 7 days*

    for standard length novels

  • £0.004

    per word

  • Sample

    up to 1,500 words for free

*Please note all delivery times are calculated per word count or project and will be confirmed

in writing before work commences. See FAQ for more details.

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