Goldilocks Bible Final Draft - 9th Nov.j


The Goldilocks Zone | Pilot Episode


“In the year 2057, after Earth’s green industrial revolution, a young girl disappears from her utopian town. Her cynical brother and a rebel scientist must confront dark secrets about their town’s existence, in order to get her back.”

This project is my most ambitious to date. It was also the most daunting piece I've committed to. It's one thing to plan a 120 page film script, but an idea that has AT LEAST 8 hours worth of content in there? That's a pretty big ask. Kudos to all who plan and execute their ideas, this stuff is tough. But I decided to make my life more difficult for a very specific reason. I knew if I didn't do it at university, if I copped out, I'd never do it. I wanted the cushion of my tutors giving it to me straight: do I stick this writing thing out or not? Suffice to say, I got the answer I wanted. 

Heavily inspired by Netflix shows such as "Stranger Things" and "Dark", this 20 page sample is only a glimpse of the hours I put into this bad boi. From researching hospitals in the 1970s, the hard science of time travel (what a rabbit hole that was), the structure of screenwriting, reading hundreds of beat sheets and existing scripts, creating character sheets and even a show bible, it all led to this. I'll be honest, it was more planning than writing. But it made the writing so much easier! That said, there's nothing like letting your brain run away with its creative ideas and just seeing what comes out during a late night sesh. It's all about balance.

I think this project taught me the most about myself as a writer. It's an amalgamation of everything I've learned; an aggressive pursuit of snappy dialogue, immediate descriptions, driven characters and a concise, conflict-packed plot – with a dash of climate change critique. It's by no means perfect (and I'm still working Act 2-4) but humblebrags aside, I'm immensely proud of it.

I really hope you enjoy this one.

(Please note the irony of isolation, decontamination and lockdown in Act 3 and 4, written in January 2020, is not lost on me!)